Partial archive of posts

The following is a static archive of all the posts I could get from Google's cache on 2016-05-02, shortly after the site shut down. Kuro5hin was a collaborative discussion website and online community, curated and moderated by its users. It was a contemporary of Slashdot and MetaFilter. It anticipated and influenced many of the online communities which followed it.

St. Valentine Was Clubbed to Death by rusty (2000-02-10)
Free Third Level Domain Name Roundup by tnt (2000-04-07)
Have you ever been frolicking in a leafy glade? by communista (2000-12-07)
Scoop by K5_eries (2000-12-30)
Einstein's puzzle -- can you solve it? by tmoertel (2001-01-17)
Are you Ready For C99? by Carnage4Life (2001-02-23)
Programming Tips: 2) An introduction to C++ Traits by codemonkey_uk (2001-03-01)
Water on Mars: Freezing or Boiling? by brainrain (2001-03-07)
12 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide After Christian Taunts. by Electric Angst (2001-03-15)
Source code for "Accelerated C++'' now online by codemonkey_uk (2001-04-02)
"As a technically astute person, you have been identified by..." by ucblockhead (2001-06-04)
The Bates method: A cure for myopia that works. by nicolas (2001-06-05)
Your kid's an asshole - and guess who's to blame? by BOredAtWork (2001-07-14)
FYIFV: A Microsoft Urban Legend by adamba (2001-07-16)
A Casino Odyssey: Part One by localroger (2001-07-19)
Steve Ballmer dances around stage making monkey noises by Arcsim (2001-08-04)
The greatest program ever written by codemonkey_uk (2001-08-10)
Socialist art in IT marketing by Boldra (2001-08-17)
Scoop by hurstdog (2001-08-22)
Who are you? What do you do? by rebelcool (2001-08-23)
My horrific trip through detox. by watchmaker (2001-08-29)
Scoop by denshi (2001-08-31)
The Internet as News Source by adamba (2001-09-18)
Comparing ant and make as Java build tools by GusherJizmac (2001-09-24)
Scoop by Eloquence (2001-09-24)
Wikipedia is wide open. Why is it growing so fast? Why isn't it full of nonsense? by Larry Sanger (2001-09-24)
Fighting the Forces of Invisibility by jasonab (2001-10-02)
The Solid Steel Cockpit Door by EdFox (2001-10-05)
Book Review: The War Against Boys by Signal 11 (2001-10-06)
America's new, true enemy by tmoertel (2001-10-11)
A Serial Killer's Backyard by K5er 16877 (2001-10-26)
Scoop by Smirks (2001-11-07)
'Foul' Language and the Modern Internet by UncleMikey (2001-12-25)
Scoop by hillct (2002-01-05)
What Does Addiction Feel Like? by Signal 11 (2002-01-11)
The Fat Bloke's Guide to Becoming Less Fat by TheophileEscargot (2002-01-18)
Honda VFR800FI: Motorcycle of the Year 2002? by ennui (2002-02-11)
My lick won't stick by spiralx (2002-02-12)
Cleverly Disguised by DesiredUsername (2002-02-15)
Chomsky used to write for the Cato Institute by greenrd (2002-02-20)
I Got Another One by DesiredUsername (2002-03-07)
Art Piece of the Week: Magritte's L'Empire des lumieres by Delirium (2002-03-08)
The Internet: A Long Series Of Inside Running Jokes by fluffy grue (2002-03-13)
Why You Probably Hate Vegemite and Why You Shouldn't by Talez (2002-03-13)
Is it *really* possible to trip over your own shoelaces? by komet (2002-03-21)
Libby Hoeler - Accidental Porn Celeb by greenrd (2002-04-07)
An In-Depth Anaylsis of the Cultural Ramifications Evidenced in the Powerpuff Girls by mrgoat (2002-04-09)
Introduction to basic music composition. Part one. by tombuck (2002-04-12)
Uberman's sleep schedule by tes (2002-04-15)
nAME tHAT sONG111!1 by wji (2002-04-16)
Programming Fun Challenge 4 by jacob (2002-04-23)
The Fourteen Pillars of Perfect Recognition by ragabr (2002-04-25)
Suicidal Woman Blocks Traffic, Angry Drivers Tell Her to Jump. She does. by rebelcool (2002-04-28)
Crystal Meth Will Lift You Up Until You Break by m0rzo (2002-05-05)
Where do you buy wire coathangers? by enterfornone (2002-05-06)
My world of Nicotine -- a HOWTO of chew. by Profane Motherfucker (2002-05-08)
8==D Misleading Emoticons ( . )( . ) by theboz (2002-05-11)
1940 : The Battle of France by TheophileEscargot (2002-05-14)
Rook: The Best Card Game You're Not Playing by jayhawk88 (2002-05-21)
Why PDF doesn't suck: Guide for LaTeX users by The Writer (2002-06-05)
Scientific evidence of previous Earth civilization discovered? by onyxruby (2002-06-05)
Is the Universe Really Consistent? by localroger (2002-06-09)
Annual Windshield Sticker? by tps12 (2002-06-13)
Source For German Intelligence Report Is A Convicted Counterfeiter by Baldrson (2002-06-17)
LGPL and Reverse Engineering by sudog (2002-06-19)
R.I.P. Audiogalaxy by kennon (2002-06-21)
Language Comparison, C#, C++ and Java by ucblockhead (2002-06-25)
Scoop by TimF (2002-07-17)
The C++ Programmer's Bag of Tricks by carbon (2002-07-18)
BDSM: a sub-culture primer by Bora Horza Gobuchol (2002-07-29)
An introduction to Irish Tinwhistle by Phelan (2002-07-31)
What's It Like In Your Neck Of The Woods? by nebben123 (2002-08-01)
How To Build A Simple, Inexpensive Pond in a Barrel by graal (2002-08-05)
5 tuple by sonovel (2002-08-06)
The 5 Worst Military Blunders of the 20th Century by Dave Madsen (2002-08-14)
Your First Skydive: A HOWTO by bananajr (2002-08-18)
Houston Police Arrest 278 People Outside Kmart by thebabelfish (2002-08-20)'s got a new ad by afree87 (2002-08-27)
The Psychology and Neuroscience of Alien Abduction by Vaughan (2002-09-01)
Koro: A Natural History of Penis Panics by Vaughan (2002-09-16)
Who was Ayn Rand? A Short Summary & Critique by randinah (2002-09-17)
Weight Watchers and The Atkins Diet by adamba (2002-09-21)
A Brief Introduction to Writing a Brief Introduction About Some Activity No One Cares About on K5 by Captain_Tenille (2002-09-26)
Where is all the Holistic Porn? by greenrd (2002-10-01)
Scoop by theantix (2002-10-09)
Your Ideals Are Well Within Your Reach by Merk00 (2002-10-10)
Zazen: The Fundamental Meditation of Zen by jjayson (2002-10-28)
Get paid to look at porn! by anon868 (2002-10-29)
Postfix Howto by cam (2002-11-01)
A Shallow Introduction to the K Programming Language by jjayson (2002-11-14)
The World's Most Dangerous Server Room by the77x42 (2002-11-24)
Was the Sopwith Snipe an Improvement Over the Sopwith Camel? by cam (2002-12-01)
Billions and Billions in Servitude by MisterQueue (2002-12-15)
ARM Assembly Code Optimization? by MichaelCrawford (2002-12-15)
I can finally talk about this. by hulver (2002-12-19)
A beginner's guide to the Latin language, part 1 by IHCOYC (2002-12-21)
Fiction: Passages in the Void by localroger (2002-12-22)
Prostitution should be legal: the statistics prove it by dh003i (2002-12-23)
The idiot's guide to how to view cosmic ray tracks from the comfort of your own home by the (2002-12-27)
My Core Beliefs by Mike Farrell by sonovel (2002-12-30)
localroger's novel "The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect" by rusty (2003-01-12)
oh, shit! by mindsmasher (2003-01-18)
Killing Subvocalization by Juppon Gatana (2003-01-23)
Question for ya'll about a GEB puzzle by Anonymous 7324 (2003-01-23)
Google Dance by kpaul (2003-01-28)
Dumpster diving: an Introduction by durkie (2003-01-30)
I'll now transfer you to the customer retention department by lorcha (2003-02-03)
Fatal Overdose Caught on Webcam and IRC by kpaul (2003-02-04)
Genghis Khan: most prolific man in history? by Thorgeir Blund (2003-02-09)
Synaesthesia - union of the senses by adrianhon (2003-02-21)
The Software Construction Analogy is Broken by mberteig (2003-03-14)
Is the Brain Equivalent to a Turing Machine? by ZeuS572 (2003-03-17)
Karl Marx On Religion by kwertii (2003-03-18)
Making Emacs Stand Up To Visual Studio 7 by sludge (2003-04-02)
Living with Schizoaffective Disorder (Part I) by MichaelCrawford (2003-04-11)
Donald Rumsfeld... the Poet? by circletimessquare (2003-04-12)
Living with Schizoaffective Disorder (Part II) by MichaelCrawford (2003-04-14)
Sourdough Success! by rusty (2003-04-17)
XXXXXX Free Original Customized Kuro5hin Wallpaper XXXXXX by A Proud American (2003-04-18)
What does 100 km/h wind speed mean to you? by Cruel Elevator (2003-04-23)
Build your own cruise missile by StormShadow (2003-05-05)
"Klingon Language Interpreter" Urban Legend by Seth Finkelstein (2003-05-11)
How to quit smoking cigarettes by mcgrew (2003-05-13)
Yossarian - where is he now? by hershmire (2003-05-19)
What's wrong with C++ templates? by jacob (2003-05-27)
A Gentle Introduction to Projective Geometry, Part 1. by i (2003-05-27)
SSRIs suck. Withdrawal sucks even more. by Quantumpanda (2003-06-11)
Politics in a Third Dimension by 3ebnut (2003-06-15)
Why do people believe in God? by Dlugar (2003-06-20)
A brief introduction to Filipino folklore and mythology by circletimessquare (2003-06-21)
Some thoughts on Aspergers and Autism by jd (2003-06-21)
Fuckin keep a nigga babies. by Nigga (2003-06-21)
What's wrong with being a fence sitter? by Suaup (2003-06-21)
HOWTO: Crisco Sex! by vasudeva (2003-06-24)
How Female is this "Female Soldier"? by ubernostrum (2003-06-26)
How did you come up with your user-name? by Ta bu shi da yu (2003-06-30)
Slashdot GNAA by coffee (2003-07-15)
The Adequacy Style Troll (AST): A Brief Refresher by localroger (2003-07-19)
eBay still not using SSL by turmeric (2003-07-23)
Extreme Body Modification by McBain (2003-07-28)
Selling cars in the U.S. - the inside scoop by el_guapo (2003-08-04)
Coke and Pepsi selling Soft Drinks with high pesticide content in india by tsk1979 (2003-08-07)
Brimful of Asha, Explained by splitpeasoup (2003-08-08)
The Cyclic Ketogenic Diet by collideiscope (2003-08-11)
Glib is retarded and GNU developers are insane by omghax (2003-08-12)
A defense of Michael Moore and "Bowling for Columbine" by Eloquence (2003-08-13)
Has anyone read anything by Foucault? by TheModerate (2003-08-17)
How to Mix the Perfect Martini by zaxus (2003-08-19)
Mathematically I'm having it by CwazyWabbit (2003-09-10)
The Barrels of Snowtown by Ta bu shi da yu (2003-09-10)
Sweet Surrender by mcc (2003-09-11)
Michael Moore Responds to "Wackos" on Bowling for Columbine by Eloquence (2003-09-24)
Ectogenesis - Panacea or Ethical Nightmare? by catseye (2003-10-01)
Bad Will Hunting by localroger (2003-10-04)
Why I'm giving up vegetarianism after 8 years by danharan (2003-10-14)
So You Want to be a Roadie by BadDoggie (2003-10-29)
HOWTO: Get Your Teeth Fixed in Mexico by localroger (2003-12-20)
Who Killed The Red Baron? by cam (2003-12-27)
Anycast Addressing on the Internet by jtk (2004-01-02)
FUCK THE NAZIS, SAYS CHURCHILL'S PARROT by circletimessquare (2004-01-19)
Introduction to Tibetan Orthography by rtmyers (2004-02-06)
Ben Mezrich: the telling of a true story by tbc (2004-02-06)
Why C Is Not My Favourite Programming Language by James A C Joyce (2004-02-09)
Shark attack with a difference by bigchris (2004-02-11)
Journal of a Schizophrenic by fsh (2004-02-13)
Is Ulysses Overrated? by James A C Joyce (2004-02-16)
We Are Morons: a quick look at the Win2k source by Selznak (2004-02-16)
Asia Carrera: A virgin porn star? by V (2004-02-23)
A Prolog Introduction for Hackers by tkatchev (2004-02-26)
A Verilog Introduction for Hackers by the (2004-02-29)
How to Stop Receiving Credit Card Offers by coderlemming (2004-03-01)
QTNA: Why Don't Jewish Girls Swallow? by pertubation theory (2004-03-05)
GNU Screen: an introduction and beginner's tutorial by jeduthun (2004-03-10)
Asshole Stretching: A Primer 18 March 2004. Entry 1 by Michael Jackson (2004-03-18)
Mortal Passage by localroger (2004-03-19)
An Interesting Study. 19 March 2004. by tweetsygalore (2004-03-19)
HOWTO: Perform the Dilation & Curettage Surgical Procedure by ti dave (2004-03-24)
How to Fix Your CD Player by brain in a jar (2004-03-24)
Gilbert Stuart The Aesthete and The Visionary. 24 March 2004. by tweetsygalore (2004-03-25)
Japanese for Nerds (II) by rtmyers (2004-03-26)
Top Ten Reasons to Lower the Voting Age by KPalicz (2004-04-09)
The Great International White Van Speaker Scam by brettd (2004-04-11)
Howling at the Moon: Modern-day Lycanthropy by Vaughan (2004-04-13)
Do you have Railroad Tycoon 3? by Meatbomb (2004-04-16)
NASA: Your Tax Dollars At Work For Politics by Baldrson (2004-04-20)
What IS The Real Story Behind The Derailment of Eli Chavez's Candidacy? 28 April 2004. by tweetsygalore (2004-04-28)
Trolls May Have a Disordered Personality by NeantHumain (2004-05-15)
Nick Berg's Killing: 50 Fishy Circumstances, Contradictory Claims, and Videotape Anomalies by decon recon (2004-05-16)
Living with Asperger's Syndrome by NeantHumain (2004-05-19)
How to Explain Everything by BadDoggie (2004-05-19)
Ask K5: Income Taxes on Shared Living Expenses by nine4mortal (2004-05-20)
HOW TO: Obtain Free Copies and Do Other Fun Stuff to Copiers by omghax (2004-05-28)
Can you use theoretical physics to design a city or a supercomputer? by caek (2004-06-01)
Art Against Iraq Abuse Earns Black Eye by kpaul (2004-06-01)
Code Humor Challenge by Milo Minderbender (2004-06-01)
Give Me Your Password: A Social Engineering Intro by kpaul (2004-06-04)
The first ethical questions of robotics in society are upon us. by Work (2004-06-22)
Godwin's Law: Not Meant To Be Invoked by jargonCCNA (2004-07-01)
Double Dragon III - The Sacred Stones (NES) -- A Frustrated Game Review by transient0 (2004-07-24)
Review: The Underground History of American Education by localroger (2004-07-28)
Ume for Beginners by BJH (2004-08-01)
The Shame of Adult Male Virginity by FreeBSD (2004-08-23)
How to rip from vinyl or tape by mcgrew (2004-09-15)
Comparing Australian Foreign Policy With Respect To Terrorism by cam (2004-10-06)
Digital vs. analog- which is better? by mcgrew (2004-10-11)
Membrane potentials, action potentials, and neurons by Sgt York (2004-10-24)
Why YAML? Why not? by regeya (2004-10-31)
Java syndrome by Seditionary (2004-11-10)
Lyx - WYSIWYM Document Processing by duncan bayne (2004-11-10)
Tourist's Guide To Driving Around Washington D.C. by wiredog (2004-11-16)
Are You A Comfort Addict? by brain in a jar (2004-11-19)
In Defense of Clapton's Layla by Jason the Mathematical Solo Guitarist (2004-12-04)
HOW TO: Make Your Farts Smell Like Mints by Jason the Mathematical Solo Guitarist (2004-12-05)
802.16: Medium distance wireless networking that could change the world? by bslade (2004-12-12)
The Calling - Wherever You Will Go (music video) - ANALYSIS! by latestringtones2003 (2004-12-20)
"A Bug's Life" falls short, but demonstrates potential for proletarian art by wji (2004-12-23)
Sing-a-long with Poopy! by Poopy Peanutz (2004-12-25)
How I Learned French in One Year by mricon (2004-12-30)
Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism by lsanger (2004-12-31)
Deconstructing Infinity: An Analysis of Zeno's Paradox by gdanjo (2005-01-07)
Variable-length input to an ANN by trane (2005-01-07)
How to pick up retarded chicks by Poopy Peanutz (2005-01-16)
How do I cancel my eFax account? by pHatidic (2005-01-24)
Debate on whether double penetration is gay by eihandgranate39 (2005-01-24)
Politics-Oriented Software Development by TheophileEscargot (2005-01-28)
Hacking Google Print by isometrick (2005-03-08)
For Nutate: Make your own Lye and Rendered Fat! by QillerPenguin (2005-03-17)
A Coder in Courierland by transient0 (2005-03-20)
Describing and predicting behavior: The Big Five by roffe (2005-03-28)
"We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture" by MrMikey (2005-03-29)
Remembering the BBS Scene by kpaul (2005-04-02)
Should it be 24/7/365 or 24/7/52? by danbloom (2005-04-05)
"The unexamined life is not worth living." by benna (2005-04-10)
How to Survive a Zombie Attack by dr zeus (2005-04-19)
A Story from Long Ago by Owa Tajer Kyam (2005-04-22)
Demystifying Depression - Part I by Name of Feather (2005-05-10)
Demystifying Depression - Part II by Name of Feather (2005-05-17)
What Is The Economic Future of the United States? by pb (2005-05-23)
The Sad, But Interesting Truth About Naked Lunch and William S. Burroughs by Egil Skallagrimson (2005-05-24)
Orson Scott Card Has Always Been an Asshat by localroger (2005-05-29)
We Media Remixed by kpaul (2005-06-01)
Concerning Naked Lunch: Part 3 - Social Criticism by Egil Skallagrimson (2005-06-07)
Concerning Naked Lunch Part 4: Drugs and Addicts by Egil Skallagrimson (2005-06-21)
Part 5: Naked Lunch and Sex and Relationships by Egil Skallagrimson (2005-06-28)
HOW-TO: Be A Great Programmer And Win At Life by Dont Fear The Reaper (2005-07-01)
Martial arts - How good are they for self defense? by guitartroll (2005-07-03)
The annoyer of the dead by mirleid (2005-07-04)
Blade Runner vs. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by 1318 (2005-07-09)
Client-side ADO using Javascript by curien (2005-07-15)
Transhumanism & The Modern Day Transcendentalists by mtrisk (2005-07-18)
Corpse Disposal Made Simple by LilDebbie (2005-07-25)
The 6 Indie Mistakes by Chris Canfield (2005-07-30)
Hannibal Lecter: Transhumanist Icon by localroger (2005-07-31)
The Complete Jailhouse Diaries by PoopyPeanutz (2005-08-02)
The "Zero Tolerance" Approach to Fighting in Schools by lostincali (2005-08-14)
Debauchery: My Lessons with My Ex by babarum (2005-08-27)
Relativity, Uncertainty, Incompleteness and Undecidability by chato (2005-08-31)
New Orleans: A Choose Your Own Adventure by PoopyPeanutz (2005-09-07)
How To Shuffle and Cut a Deck of Cards One-Handed by Coryoth (2005-09-14)
Why are black women so bossy? by Communist Infidel (2005-09-16)
Lazy pothead emoticon by benna (2005-09-25)
How IBM Conned My Execs Out Of Millions by tyates (2005-09-28)
Finding the location, identity, or affiliation of email senders by shinyobject (2005-09-30)
The New Yorker: "The Jewish Brain" by Baldrson (2005-10-14)
Ask K5: How do you make crack? by Burt Cocaine (2005-10-18)
Failed story: Getting around in Tokyo by BJH (2005-11-09)
A Tutorial on Cutting Up a Breakbeat Using a Tracker by conner_bw (2005-11-14)
Ben Franklin would have been an internet troll by Lemon Juice (2005-11-15)
Read my favourite Poem by redqueen (2005-11-28)
Days of the New Flesh: My Experience as a Model by oceanbourne (2005-11-29)
Swirl Combustion for Carmacks Throatless Rocket? by Baldrson (2005-12-03)
Do Female Porn Stars suffer abnormally high levels of Anorexia? by nlscb (2005-12-07)
Debauchery::The Swingers' Club by babarum (2005-12-15)
How many different ways can you have a whopper(tm)? by ankarbass (2005-12-17)
24-hour crack binge by trane (2006-02-02)
95th percentile height for females is 5' 9" tall by Psychology Sucks (2006-02-17)
Sotol Moonshine by terryfunk (2006-02-22)
OOP Concept explained: Polymorphism (Technology) by balsamic vinigga (2006-03-16)
Knowledge is Freedom: How to Abort without a Doctor or Nurse involved by circletimessquare (2006-03-17)
Karen Finley: candied yams up the ass? by maynard (2006-03-21)
Hunting Squirrel: The Other White Meat by t1ber (2006-03-22)
Should you bother picking stocks? A simple Excel Spreadsheet by thefirelane (2006-03-29)
Prof. Lisa Jardine: 'Men Prefer Fiction About Alienation And Violence.' So What? by maynard (2006-04-08)
Evolutionary Psychology, Memes and the Origin of War by hkhenson (2006-04-20)
HOWTO: Hosting An Orgy by medharn (2006-04-24)
My Advice For The Young Guys, or, Here's Hoping You Don't Screw Up Like I Did by internetslacker (2006-04-26)
How to cure your asthma or hayfever using hookworm - a practical guide by luckbeaweirdo (2006-05-01)
How to sue in small claims court against your favorite corporation by ruderod (2006-05-18)
japanese massage parlor by IncubatedVitamin (2006-05-29)
Scoop by chiggins (2006-06-01)
BeOS 5 on a MacBook Pro by MichaelCrawford (2006-06-06)
Scoop by Paul Shrug (2006-06-19)
Scoop by sciencebase (2006-06-28)
Blackpowder Rockets by GhostOfTiber (2006-07-01)
building a stripper pole by indubitable (2006-07-10)
Shooting Flintlock by GhostOfTiber (2006-07-13)
Building Your Own Sweat Lodge by mybostinks (2006-07-22)
Building Your Own Sweat Lodge by mybostinks (2006-07-22)
Scoop by Captain_Tenille (2006-08-13)
c64 porno by actmodern (2006-08-13)
the grace of Viet Cong toilet paper by SaintPort (2006-08-13)
The Schizophrenic Symptom of Flat Affect by MichaelCrawford (2006-08-15)
The Cockroach Diary by ktakki (2006-08-23)
[19.] A list of a few very funny sentences (7.09.2006) by satyr (2006-09-07)
Scoop by Cretal (2006-09-21)
Shing-Tung Yau: Good or Whack? by Kwesta Junipo (2006-09-26)
Codeine and caffeine make a good combination by Hung Two (2006-09-30)
Against Empiricism: Chomsky's Review of Skinner' Verbal Behavior by 1419 (2006-10-04)
What's Wrong With Weight Watchers by 1419 (2006-10-08)
Does B.F. Skinner say We Are Free? by 1419 (2006-10-09)
A Walk-Jog Program as a "Applied Changing Criterion Design" by 1419 (2006-10-10)
What is operant behavior? by 1419 (2006-10-12)
No Black Scorpion by 1419 (2006-10-13)
The Making and Meaning of Naked Lunch by Egil Skallagrimson (2006-10-20)
The Turing Test: A Blockhead's dilemma? by 1419 (2006-10-20)
Scoop by TalkLeft (2006-10-21)
Why Eiffel Might Be Worth a Second Look by Coryoth (2006-10-31)
String Theory and the Crackpot Index by glor (2006-11-02)
How to wake up by 6:30 every morning - for the serious procrastinator by markovich (2006-11-05)
An operant analysis of the zen buddhist conception of "thinking" by 1419 (2006-11-06)
real-world economics lesson from the thrift store by krkrbt (2006-11-13)
Scoop by 3fingerspointback (2006-11-15)
one does not simply MULTIPASS their way into mordor by actmodern (2006-11-18)
I have found the perfect woman by MotorMachineMercenary (2006-11-20)
has anyone ever had this problem? by lostincali (2006-11-25)
The fallacy of believing some women get hotter as they age by MotorMachineMercenary (2006-12-05)
Ask a Paedophile by floridasun (2006-12-17)
2006 Asshole of the Year Awards by Psycho Dave (2006-12-31)
Die in a Fire by Sgt York (2007-01-10)
Why I'll Be Banned From Star Trek Online; or, Make Me "Q" and Nobody Gets Hurt. by internetslacker (2007-01-12)
The Spoils of Wort: It Won't Stop Fermenting by GhostOfTiber (2007-01-12)
Racism in Britain by A Bore (2007-01-18)
The Generic Casserole Recipe by mimizukujin (2007-01-19)
The Declining Quality of Mathematics Education in the US by Coryoth (2007-01-26)
I Confess: Cineplex Drove Me to Piracy by CheeseburgerBrown (2007-01-28)
Crime Detective Story Part 4 by Tex Bigballs (2007-02-19)
Is death a human right? by gndn (2007-03-08)
lol, dongs by insomnyuk (2007-03-08)
Ender and Hitler: Sympathy for the Superman by localroger (2007-03-26)
Happiness is a mental illness by gndn (2007-04-11)
Ask K5: MIDI Recorder for Mac OS X? by MichaelCrawford (2007-04-14)
The dark side of the human mind by sye (2007-04-18)
The Great Modern Glucose Poisoning Epidemic by localroger (2007-04-22)
Some right good business correspondence by debillitatus (2007-04-28)
AT&T Customer No-Service by insomnyuk (2007-04-30)
Suck it up (Honeybees) by xC0000005 (2007-05-10)
potable water by B0sk (2007-05-30)
Jessica Alba and Arnold Schwarzenegger hate immigrants by Social Democrat (2007-06-19)
Catherine II and the Horsecock myth by TDS (2007-06-23)
A Fin Too Far: A Guide to Freshwater Fishing by GhostOfTiber (2007-07-03)
My Gay Uncle Saw My Ass Today by its that easy (2007-07-16)
Harry Potter is thinly-veiled homosexual propaganda by gndn (2007-07-18)
My stock smells like latex by Professional Phrenologist (2007-07-23)
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